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The times are right, the world is here|CGeneTech's 2021 Annual General Meeting was successfully concluded

Where the times are right, the world is here On January 20, 2022, the year-end summary commendation meeting of CGeneTech (Suzhou, China) Co., Ltd. With the support of all our colleagues and partners, we have gone through another year side by side. With the joint efforts of every partner, CGeneTech has been moving forward and growing, from a small company with a dozen employees to a quasi-listed company with nearly 100 employees, and has made new breakthroughs in various aspects. Thanks to the unremitting efforts and hard work of all our partners!

Qiandao Lake Group Building

The lake covers an area of 573 square kilometres and is named after the 1078 islands in the lake. 17.8 billion cubic metres of water, four times the size of Taihu Lake and 3,000 times the size of Hangzhou West Lake, has a visibility of 9-12 metres all year round and is a national water body, known as the "most beautiful water in the world". The islands here are like jade and emerald, the small ones are like a pill of snail's dawn, while the big ones are like a thousand blue cui, as quiet as jade, like bamboo shoots and wat; its water is like a young girl with her veil removed, with bright eyes and white teeth, soft and gentle, revealing the true face of the beautiful water; its belt is like a circle of gold edging on the emerald, shining brightly under the sun. Chun'an County, where Qiandao Lake is located, has been established for 1,800 years, with a long history and a brilliant humanities, and is known for its "beautiful mountains and water and famous literature". From April 19 to 21, 2019, all the staff of Shengshi Taike came to the beautiful Qiandao Lake for a three-day group tour.

Journey to Huangshan by Yu Qiang

"A trip to Huangshan" Yu Qiang - CEO of Shengshi Tyco It is difficult to write Huangshan Scenery completely. Hongcun is like a legendary paradise. The welcoming pine stands calmly in the clouds. Scientific research will be more successful after this trip.

CGeneTech Team Building Trip to Huangshan

The Huangshan Mountain is the most beautiful mountain in the world. The vast sea of clouds, the beautiful mountains and the strange pines and rocks make up a fantastic impression of Mount Huangshan. This is why Mount Huangshan has become the place we most strongly desire to visit. Finally, at 7am on 11 May, a group of 23 people arrived at Huangshan, which is known as "the most wondrous mountain in the world", after a night of bumpy train rides. After a short break, we took the bus to our first stop - Hongcun.
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