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CGeneTech (Suzhou, China) Co., Ltd., Ltd. was founded in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2010. The core team has decades of experience in the whole life cycle of international drugs, and is committed to the research, development and industrialization of small molecule innovative drugs for breakthrough therapies. Relying on the integrated drug R&D technology platform and diversified business vision, the company has built a rich pipeline of innovative drugs, covering many disease fields such as hypoglycemic, anti-cancer and rare diseases.
In recent years, the antidiabetic drug DPP-4 inhibitor has become increasingly popular in China. In 2021, the market for such drugs (all imported) has exceeded 7 billion yuan, and the future is promising. Shenggliptin phosphate, a new DPP-4 inhibitor independently developed by the company, has been shortlisted for the National Twelfth Five Year Plan and the 13th Five Year Plan "Major New Drug Creation" project. At present, the key phase III clinical trial has been completed, and the 50mg dose can reach the preset test end point. The "half power" treatment dose will further improve the safety of the drug, and is expected to become the best hypoglycemic drug in the same category. At the same time, the company also made a comprehensive layout around various target oral drugs and derivative diseases related to diabetes.


In the field of anti-cancer, three products under development have entered the clinic. The FGFR/VEGFR double target inhibitor CGT-6321 is targeted at advanced solid tumors, which is expected to become a potential global first drug; CXCR4 antagonist is attracting more and more attention in the world. CGT-1881 targeting this target is used in hematopoietic stem cell mobilization and other therapeutic fields. It is the only original small molecule oral CXCR4 antagonist in China, which is more convenient for administration; CGT-9475, a new generation of ALK inhibitor, is expected to solve several major clinical pain points in the treatment of lung cancer, such as drug resistance and brain metastasis. The latter two drugs have both obtained clinical approval from the US FDA, which is a solid step for the company to launch innovative drugs.
In the field of rare diseases, in order to assume due corporate social responsibility: let every small group no longer be abandoned! The first domestic rare disease drug developed by the company to treat multiple sclerosis has been marketed, breaking the situation of dependence on imports of such drugs, and bringing high-quality and more affordable therapeutic drugs and drug security to domestic patients.
Relying on more than ten years of continuous accumulation and iterative series of sub platforms, the company has built a domestic leading integrated drug research and development technology platform. This platform has been verified by late clinical products that it can quickly and accurately develop new lead compounds, and can explore potential clinical differentiation. Currently, it is relying on this platform to accelerate the development and layout of innovative tumor drugs. In addition, the company has also built an international flash release preparation technology platform, which allows products to be directly absorbed under the tongue, facilitating the development of central nervous system drugs with stronger compliance.

At present, the company has nearly 3000 square meters of research and development experimental site, has built a perfect new drug development management system, and the six independently developed new drug products have been promoted to various clinical stages. At the same time, a preparation production base of 8000 square meters has been built, and the quality management system and drug sales system have been improved, laying a foundation for the marketing, production and sales of terifluoramine tablets and Shenggliptin, which is about to complete Phase III clinical trials. In addition, the company has started the construction of R&D and industrialization headquarters base in Suzhou Industrial Park.
In the future, the company will take the unmet clinical needs as the guidance to develop innovative drugs with high accessibility and better efficacy to benefit patients worldwide.



Developing innovative medicines with high patient access and improved efficacy to benefit patients worldwide



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